Emotional balance is a state of being aware of our emotions. Mindfulness based training improves the emotional intelligence of employees allowing them to work better, together. 

Mindfulness based training has shown an increase in focus and productivity in the workplace. Focus is the ability to concentrate on thoughts of your choice without feeling the need to entertain every other thought, text, email, or phone call that arises. 


Managing attention is vital to creativity. Mindfulness based training allows employees to to let go of distracting thoughts long enough to allow creative ideas to emerge.  



“Bringing mindfulness to the workplace has decreased people’s stress levels while improving focus and clarity, listening and decision-making skills, and overall well-being. Perhaps most importantly from a management perspective, mindfulness gives employees permission to think. Mindfulness is the essence of engagement. Being fully present — and allowing your team to be fully in the moment — will reap rewards on a personal and professional level."

- Kimberly Schaufenbuel, Why Google, Target, and General Mills are Investing in Mindfulness